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This  is a photograph of Tionna and Karen.

About the Reviewers:

Hi! Our names are Tionna Webberley and Karen Blute. We are both students enrolled in the NAU Elementary Education Cohort in Tucson, Arizona. We're both studying to be elementary teachers and both of us really enjoy being with children and reading children's literature.

Tionna was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. One day she hopes to relocate to San Diego, California and to teach there. After graduating, she would like to teach kindergarten. She also enjoys science, especially chemistry and biology.

Karen grew up in New York but has lived in many places. She came here to Tucson with her husband five years ago and now loves the desert southwest. She enjoys reading and writing and looks forward to working with students in both of these areas in the future.

We are working together as practicum partners in a fourth-grade classroom at Ironwood Elementary School. The book which we reviewed, Coyote School News by Joan Sandin, was chosen by Governor Napolitano to be distributed to all fourth graders in Arizona. This is why we chose this book to share with our students. (Fall 2004)

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