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My Name is Jorge On Both Sides of the River: Poems in English and Spanish

Book Review:

This is a collection of poems that tells the story of a young Mexican kid that goes to school in the United States. One of the first details that Jorge notices at school is that his name changes to George (English version of Jorge). Jorge does not like the idea. Jorge is trying to fit and get accustomed with the new culture without losing his own. Some poems reflect problems that Jorge confronts in school like being treated as a dummy or people making fun of his primary language. The book also explains school life, including making friends and taking tests. The poems in this book are in both languages (Spanish and English). The translation is very accurate. Since the book is in two languages, it can be used in different ways; for people that are learning Spanish or for students that are learning English. The graphics in the book are charcoal drawings in black and white.

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