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The Piñata Quilt

Four-year-old children in one of Tucson's Head Start programs created quilt squares, which would be made into a quilt to display in their classroom. The children dictated their stories in either English or Spanish. For your enjoyment, their stories have been printed just as the children told them. Stories narrated in Spanish have been translated into English, closely following the child's original tale.


This is Ayanna's drawing.

My brother, my mom, and me feed the turtles. I don't have a cage for turtles. I have a box for them. I play with my dogs too. - Ayanna

This is Cristina's drawing.

Mi mamá, yo, mi hermanito, y mi papa, y mi nana estamos a fuera mojandonos. - Cristina

(My mom, me, my brother, and my dad, and my grandma are outside getting wet.)

This is Eliza's drawing.

My mom, Rosa, and my brother, Danielito, and Lilian are looking at the sun. - Eliza

This is Lupita's drawing.

Yo comparto todo con mi hermana. Salimos a pasear al parque, a comer todos juntos en familia, y me gusta mucho jugar. - Lupita

(I share everything with my sister. We go to the park, and we like to eat together as a family, and we like to play.)

This is Yadaban's drawing.

Mi papá me recoje cuando voy a una fiesta. - Yadaban

(My dad picks me up when I go to a party.)

This is Paola's drawing.

Es mi mamá, mi papa, mi hermana, y mi prima-estamos jugando en el parque. - Paola

(It's my mom, my dad, my sister, and my cousin; we are playing at the park.)

The is Edgardo's drawing.

Mi papá esta jugando a los carros que ganan - los races cars.
- Edgardo

(My dad is playing with the cars that win - the race cars)

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