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Intellectual Property and Copyright Information

Children's and Students' Voices

The parent or guardian of all the children and youth who have contributed to this site have signed permission forms to allow their children's photos, writing, or artwork displayed on this site. Judi Moreillon retains copies of all of these forms. We are grateful to their generosity in sharing their learning with us and via this Web site.

Use of Book Jackets

From 1999 - 2004, all of the book jackets displayed on this site were scanned by the contributors or by Judi Moreillon. Since 2005, book jacket images freely available on the Web have been downloaded, the files renamed, and uploaded to this site. Most of the book jackets have been provided via the Pima County Public Library Web site and their subscription to Content Cafe.

All images are displayed on this site for non-profit, educational use. The intent of displaying these book jackets is to promote literature about the American Southwest written expressly for children and young adults. We gratefully thank the authors, illustrators, book jacket designers, and publishers for the use of this work.

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Updated: 22 December 2008