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Children's and Young Adult Literature in a Multicultural Society: IRLS 521

Fall Semester, 2008

Our course met virtually so we do not have a photograph of our entire class.
Please see the individual "About the Reviewer" pages for photographs of each contributor.

The EGJH notation after some of our names indicates a virtual literature circle discussion
with 8th-grade students from Emily Gray Junior High School in Tucson, Arizona.

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Copyright-free Clip Art
from Discovery Education

Mary Beauchamp (EGJH), Donna Bloch (EGJH),

Sarah Brandt, Mary Carter (EGJH),

Amy Chenail, Tara Foxx-Lupo,

Trish Gardner, Selene Gardner (EGJH),

Kristina Green, Sara Hayden (EGJH),

Gretchen Hornberger, Christa King,

Michelle Martin, Ryan McCormick,

Tamara Metz, Judi Moreillon (EGJH),

Nicole Pasini, Sue Rasmussen,

Kassy Rodeheaver (EGJH), Christina Ruiz,

Nicole Scoles, Danielle Stanley,

Katy Stein (EGJH), Katy Willis (EGJH),

and Amanda Zagloba (EGJH)

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