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Children's Literature in the Classroom: LRC 480, Section 5

Spring Semester, 2000


This is a photograph of the Spring, 2000 class.

Front Row: Michelle Grey, Mara Stone, Sheila Callahan, Shalimar Rodgers, Miriam Wasserman, Gary Dutra

Second Row: Sonia Detrick, Shannon Johnson, Jodi Davis, Jennifer Pate, Erin Ketts, Kate Quinlan, Jessica Damitz,
Genevieve Benitez, Amber Morris, Tara Lanahan, and Stacey Skipper

Back Row: Celeste Duke, Johanna Baggett, Mark Brown, Yetive Laurie, Kris Gonzales, Rosalia Sanchez,
Cynthia Parkhurst, and Stephanie Star.

Not pictured: Grace Lena

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