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Agave Blooms Just Once

After hearing the book and analyzing it as an example of a well-crafted alphabet book, Mrs. Gillooly's third and fourth grade multiage classroom students authored and illustrated an alphabet book about the states they'd been studying. In addition to a paragraph about their state's topic, they included a brief rhyme and illuminated the letter on their information pages.



Kauai is one of the eight main islands of Hawaii. Kauai called the "Garden Island" because it is very green and has beautiful flowers. Hawaii is made up of 132 islands.

Kauai is an island
in the middle of the sea.
What a beautiful place to be!


The drawing of the island includes a palm tree and a flower.

The drawing is of the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1884. Over one million people visit the Statue of Liberty each year. It is in the New York Harbor.

The Statue of Liberty
shines her light over the sea.


Yellowstone is a national park. It has geysers like Old Faithful. Old Faithful blows up every half hour. It also has tall mountains, beautiful lakes, and wild animals.

Geysers spray
and spit all day.


The drawing shows a geyser erupting.
The drawing shows a music stand and a trumpet blasting notes.

JaZZZZZ - Louisiana is famous for its jazz. Jazz was started in New Orleans. Louis Armstrong is a famous jazz musician.

If you hear the trumpet sound on high,
you might see Louis go by.




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