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After a short but successful stint in my early 20's as a stunt double and government spy, I decided to become a graduate student in library science in order to prepare myself for a dangerous but rewarding career as a librarian. Some of my hobbies include skydiving, covert military operations, knitting, and of course reading. I look forward to reading your posts on our shared literary forum. My favorite movie is Mask of the Red Death starring Vincent Price. I am an excellent cook. Angie Grischkowsky

My name is Kathleen Blanchard (I prefer Kathy.) and this is my next to last semester in the SIRLS (School of Information Resources and Library Science) program. I was born in Tucson; moved to California when I was very young and essentially grew up there. At the age of 40, it was time to return to my roots, and get back into school to pursue my passion: library science. I am an only child, never married with no children, with two wonderful parents whom live 2 blocks from me and this year are celebrating 50 years of marriage! I love movies, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

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Hello-it's okay to call me Gram 'cause that's what I am. Here's more about me:
Favorite UA class project: wearing a Harry Potter costume for a presentation; I have all J.K. Rowling's books. Favorite holiday: Halloween, 'cause I get to wear black lipstick and my witch costume when I read stories to kids for Pima Community College. Favorite stuff: Little House on the Prairie and Wizard of Oz stuff (I'm from Kansas.), red shoes, autumn in Kansas, teddy bears, and vintage hats. Favorite books: historical fiction, mysteries, and cookbooks with stories (Flying Monkey Pancakes, Rudy Slipper Punch, and Yellow Brick Road Cake are recipes from Cooking in Oz). Rita Elsten

I am a full-time teacher at Sierra Middle School and a full-time student at the University of Arizona. I am working on my Ph.D. in Language, Reading, and Culture. I enjoy travel to the Caribbean and am presently traveling twice a year to Haiti, a tiny country that shares the island Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. I travel there to work with two youth councils, a human rights group, and a group of 65 Haitian teachers. I look forward to learning how technology can be used in the classroom to enhance discussions about the books we read. Deborah Dimmett

(Spring 2006)