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Carlos and the Skunk/Carlos y en zorrillo

The book was shared with Mrs. Walling's fourth grade class in a bilingual elementary school in Tucson, Arizona. The students wrote letters to Jan Romero-Stevens telling her what they liked about the book and asked her questions about herself.

Dear Ms. Romero-Stevens,
We read Carlos and the Skunk, and I liked the part when Carlos took a bath in the tomatoes.

Dear Ms. Romero-Stevens,
I liked when Carlos got his new boots so that he could be taller.

Dear Ms. Romero-Stevens,
How long have you lived in Flagstaff? Do you like it there?

Jan Romero-Stevens wrote back to the class and answered many of their questions. She also invited them to read her other "Carlos" books and told them to watch for her new book, Twelve Lizards Leaping, which is a Southwest variation of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

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