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Coyote Dreams

Book Review:

Using a wonderful desert backdrop and vibrant images, Susan Nunes and Ronald Himler tell an amazing story about a young boy and his nighttime adventures. When the sun goes down and everyone is asleep, coyotes come quietly into a suburban garden. The coyotes bring with them a special, magical desert world that they share with the little boy.

The coyotes dance, sing, and play with him. They also tell their tales, stories and bring to life other places and times. The boy and the coyotes experience far-off places and travel deep into the desert night.

But all good things must come to an end. After the adventures are over and the boy returns to his bed, he will always remember his journey with the coyotes and the memory of the coyotes will stay with him forever.

Set in the desert, Ronald Himler, the illustrator, does a fabulous job capturing the magic and the mystery of the land. This story has beautiful illustrations that bring the little boy's dreams to life. The pictures are very realistic and show the wonderful scenery of the great desert. The illustrator uses cool colors to bring the night to life and uses soft colors to make the pictures look dream-like.

This book is recommended for ages 4-8. The text is fairly easy to read and will allow children to travel along with the boy through his magical desert world. Susan Nunes has definitely geared this story for a younger audience and young readers.


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