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This is a photograph of Stephanie reading to students during Love of Reading.

"Under the Literacy Umbrella"

Stephanie reading to students
at Van Buskirk School
during Love of Reading, 2002.

About the Reviewer:

My name is Stephanie Watson and I have been a native Tucsonan for 21 years. I plan on remaining in Tucson for my career. Currently, I am a junior at the U of A and I am majoring in Elementary Education. This year I have been observing at a nearby school, Jefferson Park Elementary, and it has been very rewarding. I am both excited and anxious about teaching in just over a year, but I know that children are my passion. I have been reading a great deal of children books in my children's literature class, which has enabled me to become aware of many famous authors. The more I read, the greater my interest in children's literature. (Spring 2002)


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