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Ghost Fever/Mal de fantasma



Photograph of Michelle and Sarah

About the Reviewers:

Michelle and Sarah are both Information Resources & Library Science students at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. We both work at the Arizona Health Sciences Library, where we help people find information related to health and medicine.

Sarah was born in Minnesota, grew up in New Jersey, and has lived in Washington, Oregon, California, and Illinois before moving to Arizona with her husband over two years ago. She loves living in the Southwest and has no plans to leave Tucson in the near future. Sarah has many areas of interest, which have influenced her life in various ways. She has a Master's degree in folklore, has worked for years in the natural food industry, and has always loved reading and sharing stories. In addition to working at the Arizona Health Sciences Library, Sarah also works for Pima County Public Library. When she's not working or studying, she loves to hike in the Rincon Mountains. In the past, Sarah enjoyed working with teens at an outdoor educational center in NJ and often shared fantastic tales around the campfire with them. While she loves the outdoors, Sarah looks forward to sharing stories with teens in public libraries more regularly in the future.

Michelle is a native to Arizona and has lived in Tucson for two years. She loves Tucson but is open to moving if offered the right librarian job. She is particularly interested in becoming an academic librarian specializing in the subjects of psychology and sociology, but is considering public libraries or medical libraries as well. She has two bachelor degrees, one in psychology and one in integrative studies. When she is not studying or working in "library land," she enjoys dancing, reading, watching movies (especially foreign films) and hanging out with her friends. She is interested in learning more about sustainable living, world geography and diverse cultures by traveling, and studying yoga/meditation. She finds working in a library challenging, diverse, and enjoyable and it's a conducive environment for learning new information while helping others.

Fall 2008

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