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The Gullywasher /El chaparrón torrencial

Ms. B's third grade class responded to the book:

I liked how the artist drew the pictures. I like the color of the horse, and the color of the dog, and the color of the people.   Victoria

My favorite part of the story is when the hummingbird took the old man's hair because it took the dark hair and it left the gray hair.  Chelsea

I liked Abuelito because he told good stories. He was exaggerating.  Robert

My favorite part is when he eats peppers and his stomach gets big. I am Mexican, too and I like them. I think they are good, too. It was a good story and a good story for kids and I liked it.  LeChelle

I saw a gullywasher one time, and I got all wet and I had to put my shoes in the dryer.  Alex

Leticia seems to be a nice girl because of the way she talks to her grandfather.  Stephanie

My favorite part is when Abuelito carried the horse back home.  Jordan

I thought the art in the book was super because it was made with rain colors.  Ashlee

I saw a gullywasher and my hat flew away because it was very stormy, but I got a new one.  Jasmine

My favorite part is when he ate the corn and the chile peppers, and it made popcorn in his stomach.  Philip

I thought the art was nice because it looked like real artwork, even the rain looked real, even the clouds.  Alonzo


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