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This House is Made of Mud/Está casa está hecha de lodo

Book Review:

A family of a mother, father, brothers, and sisters built a house in the Sonoran Desert. This house is made of the same things as the Earth. This house is round which has the same shape as the sun and the moon. The yard is also round to match the shape of the house. Mountains surround this house. This house is surrounded by all the animals and the plants that live in the desert. This family shares their house with all the animals that live in the desert. All the animals have a name, and they are a part of this family. They also have animals that live in the house; there is a dog, cat, bird, and a snake. The family is so happy to be able to share their house with all their friends. This house is the place they call home, and this place is filled with love.

After Ken Buchanan wrote this book, he and his family built a house in the desert--a home which they enjoyed sharing with all the creatures of the desert. The illustrations by Libba Tracy are painted in soft watercolors that capture the tone of the desert. The English hardcover version of this book is no longer available. An English/Spanish edition is available. This book is in its sixth printing.

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