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Kinaaldá: A Navajo Girl Grows Up

These are fifth-grade students' responses to the question,

"What is something that makes you proud of your family's heritage or culture?"

"Something that makes me proud of my heritage is my Irish and Scottish blood." M

"I am proud of being Native American, and I would not want that or the Mexican culture taken away from me." R

"Something that makes me proud is: my ancestors came from a country that helped the U.S. battle many times." M

"That I have the right to speak freely and don't have to do something that a King says I have to do." S

"I am proud of my heritage because I am a free citizen and I am able to grow-up and become whatever I want to be." N

"I'm proud of all the traditions and my language." S

"I'm proud that I'm a Christian because I believe in God and that is important." A

"I'm proud of my culture because my country is not a communist country and people can vote." J

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