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The Maze

The Maze Reviewers asked 6th-grade students at Magee Middle School to voice their opinions about the book.

How do you think Rick's life would turn out differently if he had made different choices leading up to and during his time in the detention center?

cheergirl04 says: If he hadn't thrown rocks at that stop sign because he was mad at the world, he would probably just be in foster care, and "honorable" Samuel L. Bendix wouldn't think he was such a bad kid. But, then he wouldn't have met Lon, and helped catch Carlile and Gunderson. He'd be a kid in a foster home, with no excitement.

LEGObuilderdude says: I think that Rick would just stay foster care if he hadn't made some of the choices that landed him in Blue Canyon. But, of course, then he would have met Lon, learned to hang glide, helped with the Condor project, of help catch Carlile and Gunderson.
P.S. The face is my trademark.

torii_torii says: If he had not have run away from Blue Canyon then he probably might be not alive today...which is really be very unhappy because then it would be, like, the end of the story...and I liked the story

18guitar93 says: I think the judge was too hard on Rick.

TAMALESC says: I think that if Rick would've made a different choice in the beginning of the story, he would not have met Lon Peregrino (or something like that). He also wouldn't have been sent to the juvenile detention center. Rick wouldn't have met M4 or any of the other birds Lon was taking care of. When he first went to see Honorable Judge Bendix, he would have stayed with a foster home and have been stuck in a boring place. Well, if he made different choices, the story wouldn't be named The Maze; it would be named some boring name.

What do you think this story would be like if the main character (Rick) were a girl instead of a boy?

LEGObuilderdude says: That would be creepy.

cheergirl04 says: I don't think as much would happen, because girls sometimes don't take risks, because I don't know how I would feel living out in the wild with some strange man, but maybe some other girls would it depends on their personality, and what they like to do.

mickey m says: I think it would be different if Rick was a girl because girls will usually express their feelings so he wouldn't have built all the anger up in him. Then he wouldn't have got put in Blue Canyon in the first place!!!

ridergirl says: It'd sorta depend on the girl's personality. But I don't think that she would make a big effort to get out of blue canyon. That and I don't think she would almost get beaten up. I mean, she's a girl and most of the time people don't beat up girls! But yeah it would make a big difference if ]Rick was a girl. There wouldn't be that much excitement! (no offence 2 girls)

Bengals says: I think it would be weird but cool in a weird way. I mean a girl throwing rocks at a stop sign. Weird huh. Can you see a girl throwing rocks at a stop sign can you?

Note: Students' spelling and punctuation were corrected in order that readers could understand their thoughts.

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