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About the Reviewer:

When this page was launched, Judi Moreillon was the lead faculty for Northern Arizona's Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program in Tucson, Arizona.

She is the author of two children's picture books. Sing Down the Rain, a narrative poem about the Tohono O'odham saguaro harvest and rain-making ceremony, is reviewed on this site. Her most recently published book is Read to Me/Vamos a leer. Judi earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Language, Reading and Culture at the University of Arizona; her focus is media and literacy. Judi teaches courses in literacy, children's and adolescent literature, education foundations courses, and facilitates this collaborative Web site constructed by preservice and graduate education and library science students. Integrating technology tools into the literacy and literature curriculm is one of Judi's goals for her teaching. You can visit Judi's Web site or you can email her at: (Spring 2006)

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