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Runs with Horses


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About the Reviewers:

Front Row (Right):

I am the last of eight children born to Sylvenus and Annie Harris. For so much of my life, that nomenclature defined me because every path I tried seemed to have been trodden by my siblings' big feet. I was in high school before I found a way all my own in between the stacks at my high school library. Mr. Mackey, a library junkie, was one of my English teachers, and the first to lure me into the joy of poetry with his lanky frame and piercing blue eyes. His passion for old man Frost and parsed sentences led me to consider the teaching of English as my profession. Marianne Harris

Back Row:
This is Lacey Hicks. I'm in my last semester of library school. I'm from San Diego and may move back there in May. I've worked at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. I've always been a bookworm but love movies and basketball, too. I graduated from the University of San Diego with a sociology major in 2004.

My name is Anne Hamilton, and I teach 9th grade English at Desert View High School. I love being in the classroom with young scholars. I look forward to each new day with excitement. Teaching is my second career; I have already retired from one job after working there for over twenty-five years.

(Spring 2006)

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