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The Same Sun Was in the Sky

These are third-grade students' responses to the book:

I noticed that the boy in the story was like the Hohokam boy. I learned how people still find pottery when they're building things. Beau

I think that since the Hohokam people had to walk that far it must have been hard. Nick

I wondered what the symbols mean. The symbols are drawings and maybe writing. M

I think that some drawings are gods that they believed in. Some drawings look like flowers, mountains, men, numbers, snakes, the sun. One even looks like a videotape! (They didnšt have videotapes.) They used sharp rocks to carve the drawings. Jeffrey

Students made symbols to represent themselves. This is a selection of their work:


I am a good reader. I can read anything.
My symbol is a book.

The drawing shows a book.

The drawing shows a cat's ear.

My symbol is the ear of a cat. I love cats.

My nickname is "Cookie."
I made a chocolate chip cookie.
The drawing shows a chocolate chip cookie.
The drawing shows a shark's tooth.

My symbol represents a shark. I like sharks.

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