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About the Reviewers:

Front Row:
My name is Amy Williams, and I am in my last semester of graduate school in the Library Sciences program at the U of A. I plan to become a librarian, which probably sounds terribly boring to most high school students. In my free time, I enjoy gardening (which in Tucson, is never lacking in challenges) and hanging out with my husband. I also enjoy playing with my cat Lionel, whom my husband and I affectionately refer to as the cat with "giant razor claws." Oh, but really, he's quite friendly........ :)

I am Lisa Leaf, and I am originally from a small town in Idaho. My family still lives in Idaho, which includes two older brothers and parents. I did move to Tucson to get my Masters Degree in Library Science. I enjoy Tucson especially the weather. When you live in a mountain town there is snow during winters, after a while you get tired off it. When I am not busy with homework, I listen to music, hanging out with friends, and hanging out with my boyfriend as well.

Back Row:
Cybele Knowles is a graduate student in Creative Writing. Before that, she worked at Pixar Animation Studios in the software engineering department. Before that, she worked at a children's book publisher. Before that, she scooped ice cream. Her favorite time and place is right here, right now.

My name is R. E.
I love to draw, write and read books.
I also like music, animals and hanging out with my friends.
Two of my greatest skills are eating and procrastinating.
C'mon, let's eat and procrastinate together!

(Spring 2006)

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