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Another Tortoise and a Different Hare


This is a photograph of Donna Gomes and her two daughters.

About the Reviewer:

Donna Gomes is a junior at the University of Arizona where she attends full time and hopes to receive her Bachelors degree in Education in May 2001. After graduation, she hopes to work with children at the middle school level teaching language arts or science. Ultimately, she plans to pursue a post-graduate degree in school psychology so that she can "help the children who are in desperate need of direction, guidance or simply TLC". Donna lives in Tucson with her husband Lance and their two daughters Kylie and Kassidy. Some of her interests include cooking, shopping, reading, writing and above all spending quality time with her husband and children. Donna also has a dream of one day following in the very talented footsteps of many wonderful childrenšs authors. She hopes to one day publish her own childrenšs stories based on experiences with her own children as well as those she has worked with during her classroom experiences with elementary children. Donna can be reached via email at: (November, 1999)



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