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The Three Sedonas

These are first-grade students' favorite parts of the book:

I like to be wherever there are trees. I love being in our land. -Sierra

I like the part when she plays with her brother. I like the part when she pretends she is bringing food to her husband. I like the sun shining on the mountains [and] the river shining bright in the sun. -Rajah

I like when the snake rattled his tail and how the little girl looked. -Danielle

I liked the lion at the beginning. I like when Sedona had a picnic with the horse. -Veronica

Students drew pictures of their impressions of the story. This is a selection of their work:


Rajah's drawing

Rajah's drawing shows the river and the green grass, with rocks along the river.

Fabian's drawing

Fabian's drawing is of a small house, an old fashioned water tub, and a rattlesnake in front of the house.

Sierra's drawing

Sierra's drawing is of a picnic under a tree, the river in Sedona, and a tent with an American flag.

Joshua's drawing

Joshua drew the rattlesnake with big teeth and a rattle on his tail.

Veronica's drawing

Veronica's drawing is of Sedona and her little brother playing with their imaginary animals.

Danielle's Drawing

Danielle drew Sedona on her horse in front of the red rocks of Sedona.

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