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Way Out in the Desert

Book Review:

The authors used the music to Over in the Meadow to explore the many animals that inhabit the desert. The book progresses from one to ten and morning to night. The numbers accurately correspond to the number of young each animal has. Among the wild animals are: the horned toad, hummingbirds, javelinas, rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, roadrunners, jackrabbit, scorpions, coyotes and tarantulas. The authors portray the animals realistically by stating, for example, that the javelinas rooted all night by the palo verde tree. The end of the book also has a glossary that gives interesting information about each of the wildlife characters from the desert. This excellent source for children contains many of the popular elements that attract children's interest. It is a fun and easy read-along with rhyme and a captivating tune. It explores the desert with loads of information. The book has beautiful bold illustrations that enhance the enjoyment of reading or singing it. For extra fun and mathematical reinforcement, each page even has a hidden number.


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