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Amadito and Spider Woman

I shared this story with the 3rd grade classes at Butterfield Elementary, during their library time. Before I read, we had a brief discussion about being teased: What are feelings? Have you been teased before or teased others? How do you react when you are teased? I then read the story and students helped complete a web, or a "spider"-web, as suggested one student. We then discussed the metaphors used in the story.

How do you feel when you're teased?


I want to hit someone

Very mad!

I just tell my mom and she makes them stop

get mad

What advice did his family give Amadito?

Mother-work hard, just do your chores

Brother-fight back

Father-build a wall around your heart, don't care what people say

What advice did Nana give Amadito?

just feel it

don't hide how you feel

it's ok to be sad

Why do people tease others?

because I'm from Russia

maybe someone teases them

to feel better

to laugh at people

because they're mean

How did Nana use metaphors for their advice?

the mom was like the ants, work hard

the brother was like the cactus, all prickly

the dad was like the tortoise, he just hid in his shell

If someone hurts your feelings, what will you do?

just ignore them

tell my mom or the teacher

tease them back, see how they like it

I won't let them hurt my feelings



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