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Gullywasher Gulch

Book Review:

Gullywasher Gulch is about an old man, Ebenezer Overall, who lives in the desert in a small city, Dry Gulch. He has a large collection of rusty nails and tools, barrels of beans, and old lumber and shingles. He also has gold nuggets buried all around his home. Everyone in town thinks that he should get rid of everything, buy what he wants to save it for a rainy day, but it hardly ever rains.

One day Eb went out to dig for more gold, and a storm started to roll in. The rain was too much to handle, and everything in the town was washed away and ruined. The barrels of beans, nails and tools all surfaced above the water. There were bundles of wood and shingles and the gold that was buried was washed down the river, and now hidden lightly in the mud. The town was able to rebuild, all thanks to their packrat neighbor.

The illustrations in this book are very good. They are detailed and colorful. The pictures help to enhance the text by showing things that were not specifically mentioned. They help to give a feeling of actually being in the town when all of this happened.

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