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Gullywasher Gulch

This story was read to a small group of students from Cragin Elementary School. While reading the book, we noticed the interesting graphics and illustrations that were done. Once the book was finished, we discussed the story and how it relates to Arizona weather. They learned that weather and climate play a big role in the community. I then asked the students to draw a picture about what they currently collect, and/or what they would like to collect in the future.



This shows a picture of a cave with gold inside it. There is gold all around the cave.

"I want to collect gold". - Julian

This shows a genuine coming out of a brown lamp and a baseball card.

"I collect baseball cards now, but I would like to find a Genie lamp."
- Branden

This picture shows a collection of rocks, and a car driving along.

"I would like to collect rocks and stuff I find in the dump or on the ground." - Petra

This picture shows gold bricks and a red snake.

"I would like to collect gold so I can buy more things." - Conner


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