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Listen to the Desert/Oye al desierto

By Pat Mora
Illustrated by Franciso X. Mora

Pat Mora was born in El Paso Texas On January 19, 1942, and she grew up in a bilingual home. She can speak and write in both Spanish and English. Ms. Mora, the mother of three children, enjoys encouraging people to view their cultures, landscapes, and homes as stewards for writing and for creativity.

Ms. Mora holds degrees from the University of Texas at El Paso. She is a former teacher, university administrator, and consultant. Ms. Mora has written children's literature and juvenile poetry and nonfiction books for adults.

Selection of Awards: Kellogg National Fellowship (1986-1989), National Endowment for the Arts poetry fellowship (1994), Americas Commended List for Confetti: Poems for Children (1996), Southwest Book Award for A Birthday Basket for Tía (1994).

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Pat Mora (b. 1942) Contributing Editor: Juan Bruce-Novoa


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