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Moon Song

Book Review:

This beautiful tale is from a Pima Indian legend about the birth of the First Coyote from his mother the Moon. After giving birth to Coyote Child and leaving him to fend for himself, Mother Moon listens for the moon song of all coyotes. All coyotes now sing the same Moon Song of love and separation as they run over the hills. Coyote runs after her as she rises and grows smaller above. He misses her and he and his brother and sister coyotes sing to her when she is high in the sky. All the coyotes share the magic secret that the moon is their mother.

The narrative of Byrd Baylor creates a magic atmosphere for this Pima myth of why the coyotes sing in the dark of the night. The pencil sketches of Ronald Himler reinforce the magic of the bright full moon against the dark sky. Coyote running across the desert chasing the big moon is especially magical.

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