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Moon Song

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to define the word "myth" and to use literature as an art prompt to reinforce the connection between the text, the definition of myth, and visual expression

Concept 6: Comprehension Strategies: Employ strategies to comprehend text.
PO 1. Predict events and actions, based upon prior knowledge and text features.
PO2. Compare a prediction about an action or event to what actually occurred within a text.
PO 3. Ask relevant questions in order to comprehend text.
PO 4. Answer clarifying questions in order to comprehend text.
PO 5. Extract information from graphic organizers (e.g., webs, Venn diagrams, flow charts) to comprehend text.
PO 6. Connect information and events in text to experience and to related text and sources.

1AV-F1. Select and use subjects, themes and symbols in works of art
PO 1. Use subjects in a work of art
PO 2. Use themes in a work of art
PO 3. Use symbols in a work of art Possible links to: Language Arts - subjects and themes; Social Studies - subjects and themes; Technology - use of electronic encyclopedias, indexes, catalogs as references.


Before reading Moon Song, the students brainstormed about the definition of "myth". I filled in a web for them on the board to reinforce ideas connected with the definition.(PO5)

Relevant questions asked: (PO3) What is another word for myth? What can you expect to find in a myth story? What kind of characters are found? Is a myth based on a true fact?

After the reading, students created their own artwork. Apparent in their art work were items PO1-PO3 under ART.

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