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No Way, José! / ¡De ninguna manera, José!

Book Review:

This book is a southwestern tale told in both Spanish and English. The story tells about an imperious little rooster named José who tries to make his way to his uncle's wedding. As José walks toward the church where the wedding is being held, he finds a delicious looking raspberry. Without hesitation, José gobbles down the raspberry only to find a raspberry mess on his beak. After realizing this, José commands the grass to wipe the fruit off his beak, but the grass refuses. José then turns to the sheep, and orders her to eat the grass because the grass won't "clean off" his beak. The sheep who also does not like to be told what to do says, "No way, José!"

Throughout this story, José continues to boss everyone around until he speaks to a few ghosts. Finally, the ghosts obey José's command by scaring a man who runs after a dog. The dog who earlier refused José then bites the wolf. All of this continues until José's beak is finally cleaned, and he arrives at his uncle's wedding.

This is a great story for students who are learning English or Spanish. It is also a fun story to get students involved in reading out loud.


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