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Thunder Rose

After a class reading of Thunder Rose, the class created a web of different weather conditions they knew of. Using the various weather conditions, the children created names for themselves (Hurricane Shelby, Sunny Tina, etc...), and wrote sentences about a special power that related to the weather they chose. After writing, the children illustrated their sentences using pencils and crayons.


Sunny Tina has a picture of a little girl throwing heat and bright light to the moon from the sun.

Martina= Sunny Tina

Sunny Tina can make the sun come up! And I will make the moon hot!

Hurricane  Shelby has a picture of a a little girl making dark clouds that are raining down on a desert landscape.

Shelby= Hurricane Shelby

If I was a hurricane I will get a lot of water and bring it in Tucson.

Guadalupe Snow has a picture of a little girl standing on a desert mountain, making it snow into the valley below.

Guadalupe= Guadalupe Snow

Guadalupe Snow can make all of the world's rivers ice.

D. Snowstorm has a picture of four children standing in line waiting for D. Snowstorm to turn their milk into ice cream.

D. = D. Snowstorm

D. Snowstorm can make things freeze. I can make a freezer that can't work, work again. I can turn milk into ice cream.

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