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Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank

Lesson Plan Grade: 1st

Listening and being involved in the read-a-loud.

1) The book Way Out West Lives A Coyote Named Frank
2) Crayons and pencils
3) Paper

At the end of the lesson plan, the students will have gained more knowledge about desert animals.

Introductory Activity: I will introduce myself, and read the book. During the read-a-loud, I will pause for questions, and inquiry..

Main Activity: I will ask the students "If they could have any desert animal what would it be?" After this I will have them draw pictures of their animal and its "real" home in the desert.

Closing Activity: We will close the lesson by a discussion on experiences the children have had with desert animals and coyotes. If time permits, we will see if they can make coyote noises.


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