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Clementina's Cactus

For this exercise, the students got into pairs and wrote out a section of this wordless book, using their own made-up story. In this example, two 7th-grade students from Carson Middle School, one being an ESL student, share their story for pages 6 through 10.

Page 6 -

"Please o' please Bob, don't take me away from the cactus," Clementina whined.
Bob yelled, "Move away, Clementina, the cactus is dangerous."

Page 7 -

Clementina pleaded, "But Bob, I promise I won't touch it again. Please?"
Bob explained, "We have to go now. There's a storm coming."

Page 8 -

They were in the rust wooded shack looking out the door. They saw the lightning clashing and the thunder roaring. Rainwater was pouring outside. Clementina was sweeping the floor, while Bob was looking out at the scary storm.

Page 9 -

Outside, the rain was sprinkling on the muddy desert. Puddles of water were surrounding the also muddy cactus, which Clementina loved.

Page 10 -

Near the wooden shack where Bob and Clementina stayed, Clementina was outside looking at the beautiful scenery. A rainbow appeared to shine through the bright sky.

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