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Desert Trip

Book Review:

This book inspired me to go out and go hiking in the native Tucson desert where I currently live and go to school. The idea that there is so much to see and learn from this wild and beautiful desert did not occur to me until I read this book for the first time. This book starts off with a mother and daughter going out into a canyon desert where they both put on backpacks containing what they will need for the trip. They both take the time to explore the different desert plants and their uses to people. There is truthful and useful information on what to do when you are in an empty streambed when you are hiking. These two people have courtesy for other hikers and purify water to drink from a puddle, a reality to people who live in the desert. This book also talks about the land formations and breaks the stereotype that you always have to have a tent when you camp out.

Overall the illustrations are done in what I would call soft impressionist watercolor. The colors accurately portray the desert and bring to life the people in the desert. The mother and daughter bring their backpacking trip to life for the reader. If I have a child one day, I would like to take my child out to backpack and read him or her this book.


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