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Desert Trip

In the classroom/library:

Desert Trip is most appropriate for students in second through sixth grades.

When I read this book to my class, I expected a wide range of things from the students. I chose a graffiti board to find out how the students felt about this book.

1) First, I split the children up into pairs.

2) Then I gave them the directions for the graffiti assignment. "Children, today we are going to do a graffiti board assignment and while I am reading, you and your partner are going to make a swirl of pictures until you come to the end of the swirl and decide between the two of you what the theme is."

3) I showed them an example so that they get the idea of what exactly a graffiti board is.

4) Then I read the book to them.

5) After they were done, they presented their findings to the class.

6) I will then take them into writing about their boards so that they can learn two people can do something together yet have two different perspectives on the same piece of art work.

7) I will then post their grafitti boards and writing on the wall so that they can read each other's work.


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