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Children's Literature in the Classroom: LRC 480, Section 6

Fall Semester, 1999

This is a photograph of the Fall, 1999 class.

Front Row: Rob Jewett, Katie Marasco, Marie Esposito, Anita Valdez, Shannon Holly, T.J. Rodriguez

Second Row: Stacey LeFager, Erica Kartchner, MaryGrace Naughton, Nina Womack-Rangel, Donna Gomes,
Yesenia Lopez, and Carla Susana

Back Row: Kim Schwichtenberg, Louis Gonzales, Jennifer Brown, Anthony Carrillo, Karen Fields, Mark Morris,
Mary Parr, Jessica Vega, Doris Paulik, and Judi Moreillon

Not pictured: Jami Eggold

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