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I'm In Charge of Celebrations

Book Review:

I'm In Charge of Celebrations is in the literary genre of poetic fiction. It tells the story of a young Native American girl who lives in a desolate area on a reservation. People ask her the question, "Aren't you lonely out there with just desert around you?" "Lonely?" she asks. "How could I be lonely? I'm in charge of celebrations." She chooses her own celebrations. She keeps a notebook and writes the date and the name of the celebration. She knows when something is worth a celebration when it makes her heart POUND. It has to be something that she will remember the rest of her life. Some of her favorite celebrations are Dust Devil Day, Triple Rainbow Day, Green Cloud Day, Coyote Day, and many others. Instead of celebrating New Year's on January 1st, she chooses to celebrate it in Spring. This is the time when she feels like starting new. She celebrates with the horned toads, ravens, lizards, and quail. She proves that you can never be lonely in nature.

The focus of this book is on the unique relationships between people, animals, and the natural environment. The beautiful illustrations bring to life the aesthetic images and formations of the desert. The emphasis is on the value of nature in connection with the human spirit. This book reminds us of the importance of the preservation of our natural desert habitat. We can all be inspired to learn more about the desert ecosystem and to celebrate it. This book is food for thought and the soul.


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