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I'm In Charge of Celebrations


After listening to the story, students in Mrs. Stanton's second grade class were asked if they liked the book. They responded very positively and enthusiastically to the story. The subject of the discussion quickly became the celebrations that this young girl had made up. The students' immediate responses were to speak about personal encounters they have had in nature. So they were asked to take that personal encounter and make up a celebration for it. This is what they wrote: The drawing shows a girl looking at a flower and a cactus.


The drawing shows two coyotes.

I especially liked the coyote day celebration that the girl made. My friend and I celebrate secret day. Secret day is when my friend and I found a secret cave. It was a tree and it was bending down like a little house. We went there on rainy days, just before the rain started. We shared all our secrets there. Once when we came there a coyote was eating a dead rabbit. We celebrate that day by having a party and drawing pictures. by Gwen

I also liked the coyote day celebration in the book. I celebrate the first time I saw a group of coyotes in the middle of the street. One night, one of them stopped and looked straight into my eyes. Its eyes looked like flashlights as they reflected from the headlights of the car. It made my heart pound and I felt excited. by Cody


I liked the pictures in the book and how the girl celebrated falling star day. I celebrate colorful birds day on May 20. Last year on this day, my cousin Erica and I were at the park. We saw colorful birds that were singing so softly. It seemed that only we could hear them. They sounded so beautiful that we made a celebration of it. by Catherine Lena
The drawing shows a bird.
I liked the New Year's celebration that the girl in the book celebrated. It was in October 1997, and I was six years old. I was at my house and it started to get windy. Then it started to rain hard. I got scared when I saw a funnel cloud. I was looking out the window and I saw a chair fly by. The weather report said that we might have a tornado. The tornado never hit us so we celebrated. Now we celebrate after a big storm. by CJF



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